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Sunday, 12 June 2011

50.5 % Mom 50.5% Dad

When you are pregnant for the first time you spend 9 months wondering what your baby is going to look like, whether he will have Daddy's dimples or Mommy's green eyes,whether he will be born with a full head of hair like Daddy was or be as bald as Mommy was ..When you find out that your unborn baby might have Down syndrome you stop wondering about who he might look like ,whether or not he will have hair and all the other exciting things we think and dream about while pregnant when you find out your baby is going to have Down syndrome all you can think about is Down syndrome. In the beginning you are scared to death of Down syndrome ,unless you are lucky enough to already know someone with Down syndrome ,which of course most of us sadly do not. I was told at 12 wks pregnant that Isaiah might have Down syndrome so I was lucky to have the time to research and learn about Down syndrome throughout the rest of my pregnancy and by the time he was born I was no longer afraid . It didnt matter whether he looked like me or his Daddy ,I knew he was going to be beautiful and as you can see he was and still is a beautiful boy. Some people think that all people with Down syndrome look alike which we obvioulsy know is not true, yes they can look similar to other children with Down syndrome since they do often have similar characteristics like their beautiful almond shaped eyes and low set ears BUT they can and most often do look just like Mommy or Daddy and their siblings. Some people say that Isaiah looks like me and some say he looks like his Dad...I see both of us when I look at him and most of all I see Isaiah for who he is ...a beautiful little boy with brown hair ,green eyes and a smile that melts my heart a thousand times a day. I love you Isaiah .xo

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